domingo, 23 de enero de 2011

A Very Effective Technique

A technique, a rite indeed, but since many people confuse rite and ritual and this is not a ritual AT ALL, I prefer the word technique, I've been using with a marked success for integrating planetary energies in my life is one I created by mixing some concepts from Agrippa, the Picatrix and Stavish's Flashig Sword.

It goes something like this, at the day and hour of the planet, you face the cardinal direction associated with the planet's element. You perform the Sign of the Cross or the Cabbalistic Cross or whatever you do to put yourself in the presence of God and align you with your center. Then, facing that direction you visualize at your heart the glyph of the planet and vibrate/invoke the Divine Name, Archangelic Name, Angelic Name and Planetary Name. After that you may meditate on the planet or pray for something related with it. You then close with the Sign of the Cross or Cabbalistic Cross.

The idea behind this, is that you use an astrological appropiate time to, by way of your own words which is the lowest manifestatiton of the Logos in you, to attune yourself with the planetary energies. The invoking of the Names in descending orders makes the forces that you attune to are equilibrated and the visulization of the glyph at your heart reinforces the idea of entering the consciousness of that particular sphere.

sábado, 15 de enero de 2011

Spiritual Alchemy

I've finished reading Ambelain's "Spiritual Alchemy." A very nice reading. Like all books by Ambelain the theories are a bit modern and heterodox even though he claims a complete traditional origin. And he writes for the modern gnostic has is obvious reader. Anyway, the practical section is perfectly traditional and suits  perfectly with Grimoiric Magic, Neoplatonic Theurgy and Roman Catholic Theology.

It's nice how he explains that Alchemy is a psychic science that, no doubt can be used in the material laboratoy by way of analogy, but which is mainly a devotional practice to purify oneself and find the True Stone, Christ, that dwells inside of each one of us.

I'm probably adding his theurgic novenas to my practice

Blessings in Christ,