martes, 9 de agosto de 2011

Three Methods, Three Results

Part of my daily spiritual practice consist in contacting the powers that rule each day. Alog my path I've used three different methods with different, but complimentary, results as well which I'd like to mention.

My first method was to use the Names (Divine, Archangelic, Angelic and Planetary) asocciated with each day vibrating them in descending order. The results were quick and rather noticeable, of a psychic type, because my character would align to the planetary powers, but since I invoked them in descending order it was a rather equilibrated way, exalting the virtues and appeasing the vices.

The second method was to call the Planetary Archangels using the Heptameron invocations. Results were subtler and more external. I could synchronize with planetary cycles, noticing how they'd effect events as hours went by, and which forces were in play WHEN they happened.

The Third method, and maybe the one I'd recommend is using the Divine Name as a Mantra. This method makes you rise to the Name instead of making it descend to you, having as a result subtler but lasting effects. It could be said it's a kind of initiatory experience, in a way. It's like going somewhere really slow, while you look at maps and photos of the place and adopt it's customs.

This last method has a very interesting alchemical value, because it slowly polishes us, fifteen minutes a day, everyday. It really is like the alchemical fire, that burns slow but constant, and lets us rectify to find the hidden stone.

Blessings in Christ,


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