domingo, 4 de abril de 2010

A Question On Christology

Since there's no parish of a gnostic denomination near my home, the best I can do to attend Eucharist and rituals is a Roman Catholic Church where the priests are more than open minded, in fact they are aware of my gnostic beliefs and they receive my as friend and brother in Christ.

Why Am I telling you this? Because I attended yesterday (Holy Saturday) the Celebration of the Resurrection of Our Lord and I was struck with a very difficult question on Christology.

Under the Gnostic Paradigm Christ is an Aeon of the Pleroma, A divine emanation by the Ultimate Godhead, while Jesus is a Man, a Creatura endowed with a Divine Spark. Very spiritual and evolved (Enough to manifest the Logos, mind you!) but a Man.

So with this in my Jesus functioned as the Embodiment of Christ from the Baptism in the river Jordan til the Crucifixion and three day laters the Christ "resurrected" Jesus in his Glorious Body.

So far so good, this is perfectly intelligible and should offer no further problems, but from the Roman Catholic point of view, JesusChrist is JUST ONE entity fully Man and fully God in Essence.

Here my question arises. If Man (as an animal with pneuma, for the Protogonos is also and Aeon) is a Creatura, and as such is not eternal and had a begining, and God is eternal, with no begining nor end, how do Romans do to reconcile those opposites with an answer different than "It's a Mystery"?

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