jueves, 23 de septiembre de 2010

About The Change In The Blog's Description

Lately I've been not writing on this blog, mainly because I've been through a period of high intellectual activity. I've not only devoured classic works that contributed to a change in my cosmovision but I've also been doing many activities connected to my spiritual growth.
Frawley and Burckhardt's works have radicaly changed my concept and understanding of Astrology. I've been through some Martinist and R+C material that changed my comprehension of Theurgy and how it has been degraded to simple Magic in the Modern understanding of Spirituality. Guenon and Schuon opened up my intellectual horizons. I'm also creating a set of talismans based on Trithemius and Agrippa. I've also realized, in my inner self, that my path to Gnosis is exoterically recovered, not by the Gnostic Church, but the Catholic Church.

Lastly, I want you to know that I'm writing many texts, some soon to be uploaded for free her, others, well, I wish to extrac some material profit form them. All in all, I'll start posting twice a week again, but more centered on Theurgy, Traditional Magic, Perennial Tradition and my own experiments and projects.

Blessings in the Light of Christ and Sophia,

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