jueves, 12 de mayo de 2011

About Silly Things & Chinese Medicine

One of the most annoying attitudes of those persons who have adopted that "reverse spirituality" (of which René Guenón speaks about) that becomes stronger everyday, can be found in the enthusiast of alternative therapies or medicines. There's nothing specificaly wrong with this alternative therapies, in fact many of them are wholy traditional, even though some are not. What's most annoying of these people's attitude is that most of the time they adopt these therapies because they are fashionable or are seen as some exotic extravaganza. Because these people have an aberrant taste for everything exotic, rooted in mere aesthetics and not in a true reflection of why traditional medicine is superior to allophatic medicine.

Modern medicine has many flaws, in it's theory and it's practice. Apart from being purely materialistic, having no regard for man's higher vehicles (causing doctors to try and heal only syptoms and not causes), the very practices are invasive and the pills we take unnatural shit, even though because we are used to it, we're tame and accustomed, we may not notice.

Having said that, I must call to your attention the fact that many traditional therapies should be called traditional and allophatic medicine called alternative, simply because things like herbalism, medical astrology and chinese med have been around for thousands of years, while modern western medicine has been here only since the "enlightment". Having that said too, let's come back to the alt med enthusiasts.

These people, they embrace without a doubt things like acupuncture, traditional chinese med, reiki, etc (which is ok) but at the same time they discard the Western Traditional Medicine (Herbalism, Medical Astrology, Laying on Hands, etc) as bullshit, when in fact, these systems are rooted in the very same concepts that the systems the blindy embrace. They're all overcome superstition or both are valid, but what they do shows their mental state and the ignorance they have about their own tradition (And how they do this because they are fashionable).

Also, most of these therapies belong the Far East, and they were devised for a constitution (gross and subtle) which is not our own, so, many times they can prove inneffective or even harmful.

P.S.: This article is a rough translation of the one I wrote in Spanish, if you notice any mistakes or inconsistencies please let me know. Also I'd like to read your opinion my dear reader!

Blessings in Christ and Mary,

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