martes, 30 de marzo de 2010

In Defense Of The Divinatory Arts

The forces acting in the world, from the most powerful archon to the fall of the most insignificant leaf occur in the physical and psychical planes. The laws of gravity, thermodynamics and all other enumerated by secular science are valid in the material plane, while elementary and planetary influences take effect on more subtle planes, but inferior to the pneumatic or spiritual plane, that divine plane where the essence of man comes from.

From a Gnostic, Hermetic, Kabbalistic or Neoplatonic point of view, the Will of Man comes from his essence and not of his contingency. That is, the Will of Man is superior and as such capable of ignoring or transforming this lower influences (i.e. planetary, elemental and physical).

When you understand that you start to glimpse into the true meaning of divinatory arts. They don't predict the future, like ignorants believe, instead they show us the forces that have acted, act and will act upon us if we stay inert, if we let ourselves be taken away by the currents of materialistic inertia.

If I consult my Tarot cards about this or that subject, they are not going to tell me what's going to happen and that's it, that is what is going to happen. On the other hand they will tell me where I am, how I got there and what MAY happen if I keep my actitude, tendency, etc. But through the volition, the will that is my birthright as a Human Being, I can change that tendency. The cards are deterministic, they are a set of probabilities.

When one shuffles the cards, and then spreads them, one is manipulating the cards through the subconscious mind. The Tarot deck is a set of ideas, symbols and archetypes, so through this subconscious manipulation you get as a result not a random spread, but a spread that is acurrate and meaningful to you. It is our subconscious mind (that remember, is linked to our Higher Self) that spreads the cards, so when analysing and interpreting the spread one has to use the intuition and insight, two skills gained from spiritual work and not from books.

All in all, divination methods are ways of exteriorizating knowledge that, to begin with, is inside of us, but in a simple, ordered and systematized fashion. They don't predict the future, they just warn us of where we'll go if we keep ging the same path. This is more clearly visible in systems like the Tarot, the I-Ching and Geomancy.

In Astrology, the existence of Archons, planetary entities that model and govern our lower bodies (Psychic and Hylic), does not change the function of divination. Astrology shows us the currents and flows of the planetary energies and is our decision as Human beings to strive for liberation from them or let us be taken by these currents.

In L.V.X.


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