viernes, 6 de agosto de 2010

Platonic Insufficiency

Modernity, Specially in its most rotten version (Atheist, Marxist, Positive and Rational modernity) suffers from Platonic Insufficency, which may be the main cause of its infirmity.
This week was my birthday, so I had a few close friends for dinner at home. That evening, while we were drinking some mate, we started chatting, and somehow we ended up discussing Plato and Aristotle.
 A friend of mine supported Aristotle and the idea (Paradoxically) that the Form of things provides their Essence, and later saying that it was specifically given by its dialecti and historic function. I, a neoplatonist and perennialist, had to tell her that it was the ideas the ones who had essence and that forms where nothing but contingencies of this ideas. Third War World.

Today, as I write this, I think. And it's really sad to see how Modernity makes its lackeys believe that everything can be explained from a scientific-rational (for scientists and technocrats) or dialectic-historical (for marxists) viewpoint. That fact that they don't recognize superior causes nor possibilities is truyly alarming, even more so when they claim to believe in "something superior", 'cause if there is something above it must forcibly belong to the plane of eternal ideas and not the plane of forms, or it wouldn't be superior except by contingency.

It's like Thermodynamics, it's second law tells us about Enthropy and that the Universe tends towards chaos. Modern Fake Half Truth. The Universe is an Ordered System and it couldn't be otherwise because it's the manifestation of the Divine Plan. It is the resistance of Matter to the imposition of the Ideas what tends towards chaos. Matter, resists, because its on the lowest level of manifestation and then the most imperfect, and so in tends towards chaos, but not the Universe that tends towards Order being itself the unfolding of the Logos. A nice example of Modernities' half truths.

People of the Modern World, More Plato and less cheap philosophy.

Blessings in the Light of Christ and Sophia,


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