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A Ritual Of My Own Manufacture

This ritual is based mainly in the teachings about the elements given in Eliphas Levi's "Trascendental Magic" and in the LBRP. The ritual is based on the following axioms.

1. There are four worlds or planes: Divine, Spiritual, Psychic and Material.
2. When vibrating a word we invoke in ourselves the particular energy (power) associated with that word.
3. By way on appropiate intent and gesture that energy can be projected or kept.

How to perform the ritual

1. open with the qabalistic cross

Invocation of the Divine Names
2. then facing east trace the Air Glyph (A yellow eagle's head) and vibrateYHVH
3. then facing south trace the Fire Glyph (A red leo) and vibrate ADONAI
4. facing wesy trace the Water Glyph (A blue aquarius) and vibrate EHIE
5. then facing south trace the Earth Glyph (A green taurus) and vibrate AGLA

Invocation of the Four Archangels
6. then turn east again and trace the Air Glyph and vibrate RAPHAEL
7. then facing south trace the Fire Glyph and vibrate MIJAEL
8. facing wesy trace the Water Glyph and vibrate GABRIEL
9. then facing south trace the Earth Glyph and vibrate URIEL
10.close with another qabalistic cross

The Kabbalistic Cross identifies us with three fundamental symbols: Adam Kadmon, the heart and the Axis Mundi. So, it aligns us with our inner divinity and makes us a bridge between the higher and lower planes.
The invocation of the Holy Names consecrates the work to God and gives us the authority to dominate the elements. The invocation of the Archangels calls the governors of the four winds/cardinal points. Their descent produces the spiritualization and purification of the elemenst each of them governs.

A difference with the LBRP is that you don't trace a circle uniting the glyphs because that would cause the convoked forces to act only on the magician's sphere of sesation. In this way, the effect is extended wherever the will and power of the magician let it goes. In the beginning, of course, it will only act on the magician, but as he develops the effect will expand to his temple and the surrounding area, a much desired effect, especially in this urban modern world where psychic thras abounds.

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