jueves, 7 de abril de 2011

Venus Talisman

Yesterday, on Wednesday, I finished the seven day consecration of my Venus talisman.
This is the chart for the first day consecration, Thursday 31 of March:

For the ritual I followed the steps below:

1. A prayer to God, from the Armadel
2. A fire & parfume exorcism, from Trithemius
3. The invocation of the Angel of the day, from the Heptameron
4. The Venus invocation from Picatrix, while suffumigating the talisman
5. A short contemplation of the talisman, about 2-3 minutes
6. A license to depart, from the Armadel

As for the talisman, I printed a paper image which I colored the first day before the Venus invocation.

So far, it has given good results. I been having a better mood and I'm having a better relationship with everyone and I can feel the influence of Venus in my toughts, actions and daily encounters.

Blessings in Christ,


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  1. I just happened upon this blog -- I really relate with your practice and experience a lot. Looking forward to reading more ;)